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Temporary Puppy Gate

Type: 3D Printing, Vinyl
Supplies: Corrugated Plastic, PLA Plastic, Vinyl - Permanent
Tools: 3D Printer, Brayer, Cricut Machine, Knife
Ages: All Ages
Experience: Beginner
Place: Bedroom, Home, Office

We just added a new puppy to our family and needed to keep her out of specific rooms (the ones with carpet) until she's house trained. We'd been putting anything we could find across doorways to keep her out but it made the house look unkept.
I had a large corrugated plastic sheet left over from another project, but needed a way to add or remove it as needed. Using Tinker Cad (tinkercad.com) I designed some very simple rails for each side of the door frame. The rails hold the corrugated plastic door blocker in place and allow for easy removal by sliding it up.
It wouldn't be fair to just block the room though, so I added made some simple signage using my Cricut Maker, so Xena knows that she's not allowed in that room.

Once the danger of "accidents" is no more, we can simply remove the PLA rails from the doorframe and give Xena access to all rooms.

Created by Darryl

Member Since: 2022-01-26 23:27:12

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