Crafting Podcasts

Audio podcasts are like radio programs that you can listen to whenever you want and not just when a radio station broadcasts them. Without the need for a radio station and big production costs, many podcasts are created by people just like you. The topics are wide and varied, so there’s a great chance you’ll find many that you’d be interested in.

The Club Crafty website provides you with a list of the latest versions of some of your favourite crafting podcasts.

View the latest podcasts we’ve selected to be listed on Club Crafty. You’ll see the latest, along with links to listen.

View information about the people behind the podcasts listed on Club Crafty.

If you want to get serious about your podcast listening, you can download software for your phone or computer that will automatically download new episodes of the podcasts you choose. Many of these podcast apps are free or have very small price tags.

Why Get a Podcast App on your Phone?

There’s some great benefits of taking a bit of time to find the right podcast app for your phone.

  • Great for listening when you’re on the go, out in the yard, or just sitting doing your crafting.
  • New episodes are downloaded automatically as they become available
  • A podcast app will save your place if you need to pause or stop listening for a while. You can resume right where you left off.
  • Podcasts are free. There’s some exceptions to this, but for the most part, free 🙂

Choosing a Podcast App

Great News! There’s some really great options, no matter what type of smartphone you have.



This is my first choice and the one I used ever day. Even though PocketCasts is free, it’s one of the most feature rich and easy to use podcast listening apps.

View the PocketCasts website for more information.

Android & iOS


Google Podcasts

Another free choice from Google. This would be a great choice if you’re living in the Google world.

Android & iOS


Apple Podcasts

If you have an Apple phone, you already have this one installed on your device.

View the Apple Podcasts page for more information.

iOS Only