From start to finish, Club Crafty is free to use with no premium tiers or upgrades. The entire point of this website is to have fun, learn some crafty things, and make new pals.

Fun Not Business

If you’re looking for a place to promote your business or product, this website is not that. This is about people and fun without all the promotion and selling. Show what you’ve created and comment on the creations of others.

Personal Profiles

Your personal profile is meant to let others know a bit about you without it getting awkward 🙂

Even if you’re a “business crafter”, put that aside for a moment and set up a personal profile that’s all about you as a person..


Did you just create something really cool or pretty and need to share it with others? Once you’ve created your personal profile, you’ll be able to post your projects to share with others. Are you looking for inspiration? Try sifting thought projects that other members have posted.

Status Updates

Once you have your personal profile created, you can post short status updates. Club Crafty status updates are a bit like Twitter, but easier and for crafters only 🙂

Community Discussion Forum

Join the other members of Club Crafty for great discussions about crafting, projects, techniques, or any else that crafting related.